Wilderness Restaurant Kymppi Experience local tastes and Lappish atmosphere

A crackling fire greets you welcome to Wilderness Restaurant Kymppi, located in Rukan Salonki resort. Here the food is partly prepared by the fireplace in the middle and the atmosphere is that of a wilderness kota, deep in the forests.

  • Open by request
  • Salongintie 18, 93830, Rukatunturi – Rukan Salonki Resort
  • Contact: +358 40 564 0937  |  sales@rukansalonki.fi

Kymppi features comfort and rustic grey log elegance in the style of Rukan Salonki and is an experience of local tastes and authentic Lappish atmosphere, where cooking and gathering around a campfire in a kota-hut were essential parts of the meal enjoyed together.


An evening spent around the campfire, in good company and with good food – what more can you ask for? Our food philosophy is strongly rooted in northern nature, we prefer seasonality and local produce. Wild food, flavours of the pure nature, are served with the greatest passion and love for their origin.

Wilderness Restaurant Kymppi is mainly available on request for private groups and parties.

Wild Food Fondue Night

Fondue is the classic and well known winter dish that gathers friends and family around a table to enjoy some food, good laughs and chats. Here in Kymppi fondue is served the traditional way but with local flavours.

The starter soup is composed of cheeses from Kuusamon Juusto, the northernmost cheesery in Finland. Fondue requires high-quality meat, which can be eaten medium or even medium minus, so reindeer and elk meat are perfect for fondue. The bouillon is house-made and has a roasted aroma to it. Fresh and pickled vegetables, as it should be and a fresh yoghurt sauce and lingonberry mayonnaise. The symphony of flavours is finished off with cloudberry served in Crème Brûlée.

Advance bookings are required!




Fluffy soup of two cheeses

House-made bread and  butter



Wild food fondue: reindeer and elk meat, fresh and pickled vegetables, sauces and baked potato



Cloudberry Crème Brûlée


Vegetarian version of Wild Food Fondue is available,
vegan is unfortunately not possible.


Only food allergies and dietary requirements that are given through in advance, with the reservation are taken into consideration.

In case you wish to enjoy Wild Food Fondue Night with your friends only, this is possible with a private reservation of a minimum 20 persons.

Feast of Glow Fried Salmon

Glow fried salmon is one of the most popular and most traditional dishes in northern Finland. The salmon filets are slowly glow fried by the fire, only a pinch of salt is added and a few times during the frying the filets are brushed with melted butter. The trick of the trade is to catch the right moment to take the salmon from the fire, the right moment is when the salmon is perfect – moist and with the lightest crust.

Capacity: 50 seats (dinner setting)




Tapas a`la Kuusamo



Glow fired rainbow trout from Kuusamo, served with yoghurt sauce, baked potato, roasted vegetables



For all senses

Spruce sprout yoghurt pannacotta, black currant jam

Petit fours


Menus are due to changes according to season and availability.

The Feast of Glow Fried Salmon is available in order for groups of minimum 20 persons. Kymppi is at your private disposal this evening, unless otherwise agreed. For this menu we do not have open evenings scheduled.

Private venue for meetings and parties

Kymppi can be rented for a private party, meeting or gathering too. The maximum capacity for dinners is 50 persons, a bit less for events and meetings, depending on table setting and in case it is necessary that everyone sees the screens. There are two large screens and a state-of-the art sound system at your use in Kymppi.

Coffee breaks, lunches, cocktail hours, dinners – all this is tailored according to the event you are creating. In winter 2023-24 the terrace of Kymppi will feature an amazing ice-bar, serving hot and cold drinks before or between dinner. For an after dinner northern lights drive we are happy to organize you a tour with the heated Aurora Wagons.

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Are you ready for a wonderful dinner? Choose from two options and enjoy. Remember to add any allergies or preferences you may have.

Location and how to get there

The location in Rukan Salonki offers Kymppi closeness to high-standard chalet accommodation, nature trails and a multitude of activities that can start right from the doorstep. You can arrive on snowmobiles from the airport, by coach or the local Ski Bus from Ruka to enjoy the welcoming atmosphere of Kymppi.


Inquiries and bookings:

   sales@rukansalonki.fi        +358 40 564 0937